Getting Organized

At the beginning of last year, my husband and I got on the Marie Kondo train and haven’t stopped organizing ever since! Like, literally, I always have things to organize, or am throwing things out that don’t “spark joy.” It makes me feel happy to see things have a permanent place. I was never a messy person growing up, but I was also never super neat and organized either. Now, I love having organization and want to teach our girls to be organized because right now, they’re absolutely NOT! 😒

So, at the beginning of this year, I began delegating tasks to them. With the craziness that has been 2020, we would just tell them constantly, “pick up the toys, throw your trash away, do this, do that.” It started getting irritating and frustrating having to repeat ourselves. Well, I have finally decided to create a chore chart, with daily and weekly tasks for them to get done. Surprisingly, they are super eager to get them done!

We are not fans of giving them an allowance for doing said chores, only because we want them to understand that we all contribute to the tasks of the house without an incentive. We decided to only give them money when they do something extra, like clearing out trash from the car.

Below, I have attached a pdf link for you to download for free, if you’d like. You can print it and make it your own. I put them in a clear page protector, so we can change out the weekly chores, date and for them to check off so that they can feel that sense of accomplishment. I also have left one more daily chore line blank to adjust weekly, which will also serve as their one extra chore to make money from.

Since their daily chores are the same, I’ve delegated alternate days for them to complete the same tasks.

Here is the pdf for you to download and print or gather inspiration from!

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