Life is so unpredictable! But, what’s new about that? Life tends to become so routine, we do the same things, at about the same time every day and when there’s a bump in the road, we get so freaked out. I think that that’s God reminding us, and alerting us to always keep our eyes open and keep our guard up. Last week, my sweet grandpa passed away. It all happened so quick, so unexpectedly, we weren’t prepared to hear his diagnosis. Sometimes, I still can’t believe he’s gone, it’s crazy. Well, my mom and my sister came over my house on Monday, and my mom said that on the car ride (which is 5 minutes) my sister began feeling unwell, and while they were here, she was moaning and not being herself. We thought it may just be gas, because she kept burping. My parents had to bring her to the ER at about 5 am the following morning, and later that day they ran a CT scan of her stomach. Turns out that some of her bowels were twisted and that they would have to operate on her ASAP, so that the blood wouldn’t get cut off to that part of her bowels. So, in she went for surgery, which when my dad notified me, I got so scared. I began to pray and asked my dear friends and family to also lift her up in prayer. Thankfully, everything went well in the surgery and my mom said that apparently, her bowels had been that way since birth, and the doctors were surprised to find that. It’s hard not to wonder why things happen when they happen; Because my grandpa was sick these last few weeks, my mom hasn’t been to work. She was expecting to go back today, but because of my sister’s unexpected surgery, of course she couldn’t. They have gone through so much, but still we hold on to the faith that God is just and merciful and his ways are perfect. Through this, I am reminded that we are not in control of life, but when wrenches are thrown at us, we have to stay strong, stand firm, and seek HIM. Doubt, giving up, being mad, not an option, though it’s easy to go to those places. I know that God has a plan and a purpose for everything, though we may not understand, we know that He has never forsaken us. Through the trials and tribulations, we learn, we grow, we become stronger. No one ever said life was easy, but it’s through these circumstances that we get back “on track,” I guess you could say, and remind ourselves to take life day by day, not as if it’s routine. I thank God for my family, for life, for the blessings that he’s constantly pouring out on us. He is ALWAYS good, and I know that he hold’s my precious sister in his embrace and that she’ll be her smiling self in no time. Even in the midst of storms, his love and promises shine through. I pray that He would strengthen my mom and dad, that peace would fill their hearts, and that they would know that He is always by their side, and will never leave them. I pray that we wouldn’t lose sight of his hand.

Papi Mauricio, nunca te olvidaremos

My sweet grandpa passed away last night, and my heart is heavy with grief and sorrow. I know that death is a part of life, but it’s something that is so hard to accept as a reality. When a loved one passes away, we want so hard to believe it isn’t true. However, it is very real and the only comfort we can find is in God. My Papi was sweet, funny, caring, loving and so much more. About a week and a half ago, he fainted at home and my grandma called to ask for help, as she couldn’t get him to wake back up, nor could she move him. He was brought to the ER, stayed for observation, and the following morning, we were given the most unexpected news… He was diagnosed with leukemia. More tests were done, and the news was reaffirmed. He had so many other health problems in which we thought those would be the ones to wear him out, never leukemia! The doctors gave him a few days, or weeks at most. I believe that I speak for my family when I say that, deep down inside, we didn’t want to believe it or accept that my grandpa’s days on this earth we’re coming to an end. He had been sick for so long with heart issues and would come out fighting and strong. I really thought he’d still be alive right now. It all just happened so fast and he’s gone. I know that he is in Gods glory. He’s no longer suffering and I do find comfort knowing that he’s rejoicing in the presence of The Lord! But the pain in my heart is still here, because I know that I will no longer be able to hug him, have him give me his big sloppy kisses on my cheek, or hear is voice, and my daughter will only know him through pictures. But he will always be in our hearts and our memories as an amazing man who always showed his grand kids love, kindness, comedy, good work ethic, politeness, gentleness, respect, patience, humility… He will be so missed!!

I pray that God would comfort us and give us strength to help my grandma get through this difficult time! I know He hears the cry of the broken and comforts those in need! Image